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Positive Behavior Support facilitator endorsement

The Virginia Autism Resource Center collaborates with several agencies, including the Partnership for People with Disabilities at VCU, to offer comprehensive training for an individual to become an endorsed Positive Behavior Support facilitator. This endorsement arms the individual with the knowledge and skills necessary to work with persons with disabilities, family members and other team members to provide positive behavior supports in the natural environment.

Positive Behavior Support is a comprehensive approach to behavior change that combines principles and practices from applied behavior analysis and person-centered planning. It is a research-based approach that teaches people with challenging behaviors, and the people who support them, new skills that promote successful living in community settings.

A Positive Behavior Support facilitator works with families and team members to provide support to an individual through a person-centered planning process. The facilitator teaches teams how to assess behavior and complete a functional behavior assessment. Through a collaborative effort, the facilitator assists the team with development and implementation of a positive behavior support plan.

For more information on becoming an endorsed Positive Behavior Support facilitator, contact Carol Schall, Ph.D., at cmschall@vcu.edu.

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